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Je Suis Calisthenics

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Case Study
All brands have a story of origin. Ours began in 2014, with a chance encounter with a group of teenagers from the streets of Casablanca, that would unfold as an athletic pilgrimage to a small city in the Riff Mountains, known as The Blue City.


The group’s relentless passion for calisthenics – a sport that promotes positive lifestyle and requires minimum resources, inspired us to embark on a photographic exploration of the culture.


To legitimise their cause, known as #JeSuisCalisthenics, they needed a product that could not only educate others about the sport but also contextualise it amongst other street-born subcultures.

Something that could transform the negative image of gangs of youth hanging out in the park into an inspiring one, all the while helping fund the community.


Our combined efforts raised enough funds to design and publish a limited run of 200 custom-designed photo books.

The interest in the book led us to host a two-week event in Notting Hill which attracted over 300 people, achieving in excess of 300k impressions.

Money raised from the proceeds of the book went towards paying for the featured athletes’ personal training qualifications for them to pursue a career in Calisthenics, and continue inspiring others.

Journey To The Blue City is on sale in our shop.

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