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Corporate Rebrand
Case Study
After 25 years of providing telecommunications support for BT, tech company – Aspiring Panda had evolved, and were in need of a rebrand.


With their long-term goals in mind, they approached us to help reposition them and secure relevancy in the ‘always on’ digital world we live in. The value proposition needed to be unique and a core objective of the new identity was to re-invigorate the families’ passion for the business.


Our planning and research concluded that they would benefit more by positioning themselves as a digital agency, as opposed to a company that sells websites and apps. By focusing on their expertise, they would allow for more possibilities with prospective clients.

To do this we needed to add a level of sophistication to their brand whilst remaining friendly and value oriented.


“Through various workshops and regular back and forth dialogue, I felt confident in Kresh’s ability to take on the challenge of portraying us, as they genuinely understood our company as if it were their own.”

“The rebrand has allowed us to formalise our sales pitch based on the USPs that Kresh identified. At exhibitions, we found we were being approached by new clientele who have a high perception of our services based on the quality of our branding alone.

-Anoop Panesar, Marketing Manager at Aspiring Panda

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Aspiring Panda
Corporate Rebrand

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