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On the morning of June 14th in 2017, the community of Latimer Road, awoke to the tragedy of The Grenfell Tower.

The next 24 hours, this community would see the largest self-initiated relief effort by the British public in recent times.


Under the same humanitarian spirit, a handful of volunteers and locals approached us with a brief, to create a platform that could help this growing community share first-hand accounts and information surrounding the tragedy.


Inspired by the community, we set out to create a trustworthy and recognisable brand, that could be shared across social media. This would allow us to further the reach of the community effort and deliver organic content across all major platforms.


While planning, we identified that the name Grenfell actually derives from Old English, meaning Green Field. With this knowledge we proposed the green heart, under the rational that if the brand was simple enough to be replicated, it would be shared.

Our #GreenForGrenfell campaign would further reinforce our concept.


It Speaks for itself. Today, Grenfell is synonymous with the Green Heart, and is used to demonstrate support and raise awareness of the tragedy that occurred in 2017.

Grenfell Speaks broadcasts to a following of over 12,000, has had repeated mentions on numerous news channels including Channel 4 and London Time, and is recognised as a main point of contact for community led dialogue in the heart of West London.

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