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Luxury fashion label, Pokit, approached us with the task of creating a brand film to accompany the launch of their new website. After spending 20 years establishing themselves as an iconic couture brand, they were now moving towards a market where design meets the art.

In addition to introducing their deconstructed suits, they wanted to communicate their unique take on a traditional craft.

"No imagery of an old man in a tweed waistcoat, sewing on a button."

-Bayode Oduwole,
Co-Founder of Pokit


Designers. Not tailors.

Visually we wanted to create the distinction, and by presenting Bayode illustrating in his sketchbook, we could metaphorically imply the handmade touch put into tailoring, all the while still keeping the allure of the process intact.

"We don’t sell suits,
we sell confidence."

-Bayode Oduwole,