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Grenfell Speaks

On the morning of June 14th in 2017, the community of Latimer Road, awoke to the tragedy of The Grenfell Tower.

Over the next 24 hours, this community would see the largest self-initiated relief effort by the British public in recent times.


Under the same humanitarian spirit, a brief was set by a handful of volunteers, to create an online platform that could help this growing community, through sharing first-hand accounts and information surrounding the tragedy.

Their mission was to ensure that the narrative of Grenfell belonged to the local community.


Inspired by the community, we set out to create a trustworthy and recognizable brand, that was planted across all the major social media platforms - Facebook, Youtube and Instagram included.

Given the nature of our channels i.e social media based, we adapted the green heart emoji, under the rational that if the brand was simple enough to be replicated, it would be shared 💚

To launch the brand we created a campaign called #GreenForGrenfell. Inspired by a local story,where students wore green in solidarity, we would further the campaign by posting a photo a day of anyone holding up a sign with the hashtag written on a piece of card.


With the help of growth marketing expert Emmanuel Aremu, in just 4 short weeks, we were able to establish this platform across 4 major streams.

It currently broadcasts to a following of over 12,000, has had repeated mentions on news shows including Jon Snow at Channel 4 and London Time, and is recognised as a main point of contact for community led dialogue around the heart of West London.

Grenfell Speaks remains under the management of the local Grove community. Contact Faisal Metalsi at for further info.