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This exhibition showcases the journey taken by artist, Kashmirwala, through the underground culture of calisthenics in Morocco, exploring the possibilities of positive effects the sport has in changing lives and transforming communities.

In keeping with the theme of using art to connect and enable communities, the exhibition will be supported by a series of calisthenic workshops and classes.

9 - 23 Aug (Not Mondays)
12 - 6pm

The Muse Gallery
269 Portobello Rd, London W11 1LR


Location: The Muse Gallery

Spaces: Limited

Attire: Sports Clothes


1. #JeSuisCalisthenics | Fri Aug 9 | 6 - 7.30pm

You already know what to do, were just going to show you how to structure it. Empowering people to be in control of their own workout flow.

2. This is our Language. | Sat Aug 10 | 1 - 3pm

Master the basics of bodyweight movements such as the push up and pull up. Before you know it you will be fluent in Calisthenics.

3. The World is your playground. | Sun Aug 11 | 1 - 3pm

You already have what you need, your surroundings and yourself. Find out how with a bit of creativity you can use the world as your playground.

4. #JeSuisCalisthenics | Fri Aug 16 | 6 - 7.30pm

How believing in others creates self belief. Try it yourself. A workshop that will bring out the leader in you.

5. Handstand! | Sat Aug 17 | 1 - 3pm

Searching for balance? Try going upside down and find out what you discover. This workshop will teach how to enter and exit safely from a handstand.

6. We start together, we finish together. | Sun Aug 18 | 1 - 3pm

It's not about finishing first it's about finishing together. Experience how far you can go when you are all in it for the bigger picture.

JSC Class (UK)

Spaces: Unlimited

Attire: Sports Clothes

Je Suis Calisthenics (Paddington) | Mon 12 & 19 Aug

Classes will be held in Paddington Recreation Ground the near the bandstand.

Je Suis Calisthenics (YMCA) | Tue 13 & 20 Aug

Classes will be held in courtyard of YMCA South Ealing.


Spaces: Unlimited

Attire: Sports Clothes

Je Suis Calisthenics (Casablanca) | Sun 11 & 18 Aug

Classes will be held in Batay Park. Contact Zakaria Elkhattabi for information.

  • Book Talk: Journey for a Purpose Talk

    Artist Kashmirwala talks about how a journey of self-discovery and connection with his brother Fahd, became something so much bigger than either of them could've ever imagined.

    14 Aug
    6.30pm - 8.30pm

    The Muse
    269 Portobello Rd, London W11 1LR