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Je Suis Calisthenics

All brands have a story of origin. Ours began in 2015, whilst on an athletic pilgrimage to a small city in the Riff Mountains, known as The Blue City.

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Whilst visiting Morocco, we met an inspiring group of teenagers from the streets of Casablanca. Their relentless passion for calisthenics - a sport that promotes positive lifestyle and requires minimum resources, inspired us to embark on a photographic exploration of the culture.

Armed with a high-bar, we set out on a journey to document and promote the positive effect it can have on a community.

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To legitimise the cause, became known as Je Suis Calisthenics, it needed a product that could not only educate others about the sport but also contextualise it amongst other street-born subcultures. Something that could transform the negative image of gangs of youth hanging out in the park into an inspiring one, all the while helping fund the community.

  • Solution

    We turned towards our collective creative resources and set out to create a photo-book that could be used as a tool to educate, promote and fund the cause. Crowdfunding would be our means to raise money for the production of the book, while simultaneously connecting communities abroad.

    ‘Art that can shape a community’ became our new slogan.

    With the same veracity as this grass-roots movement began, we campaigned with a marketing strategy that involved TV, radio, social media and various events. From Gala dinners to club-nights, sponsored runs to workshops, our campaign lasted just under 6 weeks.

  • Results

    Our combined efforts raised enough funds to design and publish a limited run of 200 custom designed art books, 50 of which were special editions with bespoke covers.

    We estimate our combined press and online impression easily over 250K. But more importantly we were able to share the story of a small community in Casablanca with the rest of the world.

    Journey To The Blue City is on sale in our shop.